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March 25, 2013
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:MNG App: Furukawa, Masahiro by TrickyJinx :MNG App: Furukawa, Masahiro by TrickyJinx


EDIT: Revamped Masa's app picture because the old one was starting to annoy the hell out of me. I've gotten a lot better at drawing men in the several months since I made the original app. Though, how do you shirtless men? I have no idea.

Also added a few interests/hobbies and facts about Masahiro, if you care to look to see what's new.

Name: Furukawa, Masahiro

Nickname(s): Masa, Hiro, Ma-chan (Call him the last one and he'd flip shit.)

Age: 17

Height: 5'6''

Weight: 130 lbs.

Year: Sophomore

Level: Intermediate

Main Stroke: Breast Stroke

Roommate: Stephan Neumann

Voice: Kradness (NicoVideo Utaite)


- Swimming
- Udon noodles
- Ramen noodles
- Spicy food
- Sweet food
- Pretty much any type of food
- Slacking off
- Procrastinating
- Parkour
- Dancing
- Romance novels
- Stephan


- Over-exerting himself
- Training until his legs ache
- Detention
- His father
- Revealing clothes
- Feeling degraded
- Most people
- Feeling backed into a corner
- Getting his ass handed to him in a fight
- Little annoyances in everyday life (He tends to blow things out of proportion)

|| Loud | Stubborn | Lazy | Closet-romantic | Ill-tempered | Paranoid ||

Not quite in the average "obnoxious" sense, but moreso surrounding the idea that, if you get Masa mad, you will know, because he will make this very clear.

I think the appropriate term would be "tsundere." Masahiro is secretly on the shy side, he just has a different way of expressing it than the normal timid image that comes into one's mind. He uses his stubbornness as a protective outer shell that hides just how fragile the young man really is.

After years of his life being mercilessly forced to train to reach his goal of becoming a professional swimmer, one can't blame Masahiro for being one to slack off. If there's one thing he loves more, it's to sit back and let things unfold on their own. He hates menial labor in particular, not to say homework isn't a close second.

Tell anyone and you're certain to wind up found dead the next morning. Masahiro has a secret love for romance novels and sappy chick flick films. This is an outlet for his secret fear of contact with women, as whenever he gets the vibe he's being flirted with, Masahiro becomes completely flustered and beet-red in the face. Maybe it's for the best that he goes to an all-boys school... though that's not to say he has never had a man flirt with him before with the same effect.

Masahiro was never a child who could be set in a playpen with other kids and be expected to play nicely. It doesn't take much to cross him, and, once again, when he's angry with you, it shows. Some people have speculated that perhaps Masahiro likes getting into brawls and verbal spats, though this isn't quite the truth.

Masahiro is sometimes quite the jittery fellow. He may not show it often, but he's a very nervous and jumpy person, mostly due to issues in the past. His greatest fear is painful physical contact, and he will sometimes cringe if someone even lifted an open hand for a high five.

From a tender, young age, Masahiro adored watching professional swimming teams on TV, and the first swimming portion of the Olympics he ever witnessed was an amazing treat by far. It wasn't long before Masa made a promise to himself that he would train as hard as he could to one day join the school of his dreams; it was an academy that focused mainly around training the best swimmers. And was the starting point for those who were serious about becoming professional athletes.

Living in a home without a mother, Masahiro's father became his own personal coach. While he had no real experience in coaching swimmers, he swore up and down that he would get his son into this school, as he expected only the best from Masahiro. For the first year or so, Masahiro admired his father for his willingness to commit so firmly to making his dream come true, but as the years went on, he made a new discovery;

It's wasn't so much that his father wanted to make Masa's dreams come true as much as it was that he wanted to be the father of a winner.

As time went by, his father's "training" became more intense, and more unethical. By age 11, Masahiro was expected to wake up three hours before the start of every schoolday to take at least two hours of his morning swimming laps before the sun even began to rise along the horizon. Sometimes he would bind small weights to his ankles and wrists to make it more difficult for Masahiro to catch the desired time. Then, from the moment he got home, he was to abandon his homework in favor of swimming more, until his toes began to feel so wrinkly that they felt as though they might fall off one by one. As the years went by, the more obsessive his father became, and he would even resort to whipping Masahiro with a belt if he was to complain. This has left permanent scars all along his body, particularly on his back, which has made Masahiro very self-conscious when in his swimsuit while his upper body is left bare.

With the skeletons of his home life shoved into the very back of the closet, Masahiro competed in several regional swimming competitions scattered around Japan. Unfortunately, his father's brutal "coaching" has almost completely drained Masahiro of any pleasure he used to find in swimming for fun. However, it was these regional competitions that earned him a scholarship to the "Water Academy" school at the age of 15. He now resides in a dorm room on school campus, free from the shackles of his father's overbearingness.

Additional Info:

- Masahiro hates not wearing a shirt, because he's self-conscious of the scars left by his father. But he lives in constant fear that a wet shirt would weigh him down in the water, so unfortunately, he takes off any upper-body clothing before swimming, whether for practice, or for sport.

- If anyone builds up the resolve to ask Masahiro about his scars, he proudly proclaims they're from past fights at other schools. He feels that if people are going to make him feel uncomfortable by bringing up such a question, he might as well appear tough in his response, right?

- After nearly three years of recovering from all his father put him through, he has slowly regained his passion and love for swimming. He's just fortunate his father didn't permanently traumatize him, otherwise Masa would've never wanted to go near a body of water again.

- He thinks himself to be straight, but if another man were to ever flirt with him or come onto him, it would give him the same warm, fuzzy feeling inside as it would if it was a woman. In other words, yes, he likes guys too.

- Masahiro hasn't spoken to his father once since he left home and moved into the school dormitories. Once in a while, his father will attempt to contact him through the school's lines, but Masa will always make up an excuse on the spot not to pick up the phone. He's decided he's no longer going to swim for his father's satisfaction, but his rather his own.

- His mother passed when Masahiro was only two years old. He remembers little to nothing about her, and her picture is a blur, but Masahiro does remember that she had the most beautiful smile. He takes comfort in remembering that smile, beaming down at him. It makes him feel oddly at peace.

- He’s a stubborn Uke who tries to play Seme.

- Masa recalls from photos around the house that his mother had light red hair. Refusing to bear resemblance to his father, Masahiro attempted to dye his hair the same red as his mother... but it came out a very, very fiery red instead. At first he was embarrassed, but he grew used to this bright color, and now still re-dyes it to maintain its color. His original hair color was black.

- He once went through an "emo" phase, where he would distance himself from anybody and everybody. He only ever wore dark, muted colors so he wasn't noticeable to others. When he dyed his hair red, it made a huge impact in his life, because he wasn't used to such fervid colors.

- Whatever Masahiro lacks in strength, he makes up for with his agility and durability.

- Secretly likes anime and manga. His all-time favorite anime is Clannad, though it made him bawl like a baby.

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